rental property

Reasons to entrust the helton service to renting a property

Do you like to conduct long negotiations, look for those who want to spend hours, keep prices up and not get lost? Or maybe you prefer to get a transfer and not worry about anything else? If you like the second option more, please contact us! Thanks to experience, proper preparation, knowledge and skills, we are able to negotiate hard - we will find people willing to rent your flat and help with administrative and legal matters.


We know the real estate market well, so we are perfectly familiar with the prices of Krakow apartments. We will find tenants for you at a rapid pace, because we carry out realistic valuations and negotiate only with those who are really interested. You will quickly get tenants and tenants will be extremely satisfied. Everyone likes honest and clear terms of cooperation, you too?


We have been on the real estate market for a few years, thanks to that we have experience and many clients. We are happy with our position as a leader in the industry and with the fact that we are still recommended - all this means that we can set directions for development and spread good work practices. We are characterized by an individual approach to customers, a huge commitment and the desire to help - check what we are capable of!


Imagine that you would like to rent a flat. Do you first go to the addresses of all the rooms you found on the Internet? Are you visiting the whole city, quietly hoping that you will finally find a dream home? Probably not. This photograph posted in the announcement makes you take this step and go out to look around. For this reason, the photo must be dazzling and attractive. We understand this process, check our gallery and evaluate yourself.


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